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OUR COMPANY offers the highest standards in interior and exterior painting and finishing services at competitive prices. Our workmanship in completing your project is guaranteed. In that promise of satisfaction, you benefit from an attention to detail that truly sets us apart from the competition.

Finding the right interior painter can be a difficult task. Before hiring any painting contractor make a list of questions to ask them to be sure you are hiring the right one that will best suit your needs.

As you interview each contractor take them to every room in your home. Every room in your home requires a different preparations, designs, and paints sometimes according to the condition of the walls. Kitchens and bathrooms in particular are exposed to more moisture than other rooms in your home. If you have children that play in their rooms there can be holes, thumbtacks or even marks that a painting contractor will have to remove or repair before they begin painting. Walls and ceilings are often different heights especially if you have vaulted ceilings. Some of the other questions to ask painting contractors are what colors will look best in each room or what color combination would look best.

If you are undecided what colors would look best in each room try using an object from the room such as an area rug or a small piece of furniture that is a solid color. All profession painting contractors use color wheels to determine which colors are best. Compare the color of the object you chose with various colors on the wheel to determine which color is best for each room in your home. For example, if one of your favorite colors is green, then choosing various shades of green would be called analogous color and selecting shades of yellow would be call complementary colors. For the best results try choosing colors inspired by nature such as ocean blue or various earth tones. You can even use browns with yellows.

Once the colors are chosen, the prep work begins. Most painting contractors will move all furniture into the center of each room so they have room for ladders and drop cloths. The next step is to cover all fixtures and surfaces that will not be painted to protect them from paint splatter. Next all holes are filled and sanding which includes nail holes from pictures and removing any bumps. Finally the painting begins. Professional painting contractors understand that they are painting rooms that are normally used by family members so they work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most rooms can be painted in a day depending on the size of the room and if a second coat is needed. These details should already be in the bid that was presented to you prior to hiring that painting contractor.

Many homeowners only think about the interior of their homes and completely neglect the exterior of their home. Painting the outside of your home is equally as important as painting the inside of your home. Have a freshly painted exterior gives your home the best appearance possible. A house can look neglected and even abandoned when the exterior is not properly maintained. Having a great looking exterior also improves the value of your property.

To save yourself the hassle of climbing up very high ladders hire a professional residential painter. Don’t just look for a contractor as most contractors do a little bit of everything but specialize in nothing. From one day being a kitchen remodeling contractor to the next being a masonry contractor, if you are painting your home and want the best results, hire a specialized painter. They have the experience and knowledge to know exactly how to paint every part of the outside of your home. Be sure you hire a residential painter that listens to your needs. They should be able to share your concerns and know exactly how to use their skills to make your home look as good as possible.

Professional residential painting contractor have the knowledge to create a plan of how the job will be completed. Be sure that their bid clearly states what products that will be using including the brand name of the paint. The bid should also state in detail exactly how long the job will take and what sections of your home will be painted each day. A professional residential painting contractor should have the knowledge to know what color mix will look best on your home and also provide you a guarantee of their work.

One of the biggest advantage of hiring a professional residential painting contractor is that they know the best places to get the products they need for your home while saving you money at the same time. Always choosing a painting contractor that has a long standing reputation in your local area. It’s easy to spot a professional contractor when you meet them because they will immediately establish a good relationship with you and be able to communicate clearly and effectively establishing a bond of trust. If you don’t immediately get this from the painting contractor you are interviewing you should move on to the next one.

One of the most important questions to ask your exterior painting contractor is if you home first needs to be washed prior to being painted. Washing the outside of your home is done with a power washer and helps to remove any lose paint chips and also removes mold and mildew while cleaning the exterior of your home.

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